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  • Connect the GPS device and open Device Manager to check whether it is showing in Device Manager or not. It should show under “Ports (COM & LPT)”. Depending on the chipset, it will show as Silicon Labs or CH9102 etc. If the device is showing with a yellow exclamation mark, then the driver for the device is not working. Re-install the correct driver. If the device is showing under ‘Other’, then install the driver for the device.
  • If the device is not showing in Device Manager, then it is faulty and needs to be repaired. Call us on our given numbers to initiate repair process.
  • If the device is showing in Device Manager, then move onto next step.
  • Open the GPS testing tool ‘Mini GPS’ (keep the device connected). Click on ‘Auto Detect’ button and select the COM port (as showing in Device Manager) and then click ‘Scan’. If the device is working properly, the connection will open on the required baud rate and at the top corner of the black box you will be able to see a yellow circle blinking. If the blinking yellow circle is visible, then the device is alright.
  • If GPS signals are available at the spot where you have kept the GPS device, it will start capturing signals. GPS device should be in open area, facing skywards. Once adequate signals are captured, the ‘Fix Type’ will change from ‘No Fix’ to ‘2D SPS’, ‘3D SPS’ or ‘3D GPRS’. Once signal fix is achieved, close Mini GPS tool and then start GPS capture in your required application like Aadhaar.

  • You have already tested the GPS device in Mini GPS tool and have achieved a GPS signal fix (you are getting a ‘2D SPS’ or ‘3D SPS’ value in Fix Type).
  • Close the Mini GPS tool and go to the GPS page in Aadhaar application. Click on ‘Start’ button and keep your eye on the GPS icon at the bottom left corner. GPS icon is the 5th or 6th icon with a globe symbol. If Aadhaar application is able to connect to the GPS device, the red mark from the GPS icon will go away and you will get a pop-up message saying ‘Device is now active’.
  • If it says, ‘Device is inactive’, then you need to close Aadhaar application and login again and then try. Sometimes, it takes 2-3 login attempts for Aadhaar application to detect the GPS device.
  • Also make sure that the GPS device is the first device in the Device Manager – Ports (COM & LPT) list. If you are using internet dongle which works as a COM device and if that dongle is showing before the GPS device in list, then Aadhaar application will not be able to detect the GPS device. In that case, remove the dongle when you are doing GPS activity.
  • If it says ‘Device is active’ but the latitude, longitude and altitude values are not coming then click on ‘Save’ button on GPS page in Aadhaar application to close the connection.
  • Open Mini GPS tool again and click on ‘Auto Detect’ button and select the COM port (as showing in Device Manager) and then click ‘Scan’. Once the device opens (yellow circle blinking), click on the Hot Start button. Wait for the device to capture the GPS values and get a 2D SPS or 3D SPS Fix Type. Once Fix Type is obtained, close Mini GPS tool and return to Aadhaar application GPS page and click on ‘Start’. This time you should get the GPS values in Aadhaar.

  1. Kindly check if scanner is connected
  2. Driver is latest [refer to download section]
  3. RD service is active or expired

You can renew RD / Device Annual Subscription at

Most of the device drivers are available at device drivers download page.

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