MANTRA MIS100V2 Single IRIS Scanner

MIS100V2 is high quality USB IRIS Sensor for IRIS Authentication for desktop or network security. Single IRIS Sensor MIS100V2 can be used extensively for identity applications like Aadhaar Authentication, Banking, Applications and Access Control Applications .

MIS100V2 quality algorithm can easily identify poor IRIS images and can be adjusted easily based on inbuilt LED indications. High Resolution CMOS Sensor generates quality ISO/I EC 19794-6 Images with JPEG2000 compression.

MIS100V2 proprietary distance sensing and focus analysis technology gives fast auto capture capabilities.

MIS100V2 is STQC certified and comes with 1 year RD service.

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Capture Mode Auto
Spatial Resolution> 50 % @ 1.0 LP/mm
Pixel Resolution> 10 Pixels/mm
Image MarginsLeft & Right >=0.6 x iris radius; Top & Bottom >=0.2 x iris radius
Imaging Wavelength700-900 nm
Pixel Depth8 Bits/Pixel
ConnectivityUSB 2.0
Host OSWindows, Android, Linux, Embedded Linux


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