IRITECH BK2121 Dual Iris Scanner

IriShield USB BK 2121U is a dual iris scanner manufactured by IriTech and is STQC Certified Dual Iris Scanner The scanner uses infrared LED for eye illumination and can be used both indoor and outdoor. The manufacturer specifies that the captured iris images are ISO/IEC 19794-6 compliant. The USB-powered camera is suitable for using in… Continue reading IRITECH BK2121 Dual Iris Scanner

Iritech MK2120UL Single IRIS Scanner

The IriShield™ MK 2120UL features IriTech’s superior iris image quality assessment algorithm to provide good quality images and avoid false positives while maximizing true positive identification. MK2120UL is STQC certified and comes with 1 year RD service.

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